Im so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything.

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You just waltzed back in my life like you deserved to be here or something. You could have come back anytime, anytime before now. But you waited and waited. And you know what? It’s too late. I kept waiting for you to come back, and you didn’t. You never came back, until now. Anytime before now I would have welcomed you back with open arms. But you’re too late this time. I gave you more than enough chances to make things right and you didn’t. I opened myself up to get cut wide open. I finally moved on. I’m happy and I don’t need you anymore. That’s something I never though I’d say. I’m sorry if I’m not ready to throw all of that away to let you back in and make me look like a fool when you fuck me over. Again. I cant put myself through that again. You cant erase the past. The way we are now, is not my fault. I didn’t cheat, lie, or push you away. You did this to yourself. I’m sorry if you cant find anyone who amounts to me, which you probably won’t, but it’s your own doing. I’m not saying this out of spite or pity or anger even. I’m saying this because I know that no girl will ever amount to what I was for you, what you were for me. No girl will ever connect and feel for you the way I did. Maybe that same will go for me. There’s never going to be another guy that is just like you, who loved me like you did. But I’m ready to move on, to experience what else is out there. I cant put myself through what you did to me again. I need change. If we’re meant to be, we’ll find each other again one day and maybe I’m fall madly in love with you again, just like before. If not, I really hope you find happiness in the decisions you made, because God knows I would never have chosen this for us. But I also cant fix what you created, and I don’t want to anymore.
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oh my gosh, look at her butt


oh my gosh, look at her butt

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Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots

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— Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)

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